Coordinate System Conversion

Lat/Lon to UTM, BNG, Swiss

An easy way to convert between different coordinate systems is the program gpsbabel. Apart from the usual file formats, one input/output filter is unicsv. On the input side, the header line defines the meaning of the columns of the following lines (see, and on the output side different coordinate systems can be chosen, see Thus, a conversion from lat/lon to UTM would look like this:

echo -e "lat,lon\n48,12" | gpsbabel -w -i unicsv -f - -o unicsv,grid=4 -F -

Also the different map datums can be chosen, see

Map Projection Conversion

The PROJ library provides the tool cs2cs that can convert between many coordinate systems. For example in order to convert from lon/lat (WGS84) to the Gauss–Krüger coordinate system (transverse mercator, Potsdam datum), the following command can be used:

echo "12 48" | cs2cs +proj=latlon +to +proj=tmerc +datum=potsdam +lon_0=12d0E +lat_0=0 +x_0=500000